Yoga And Its Benefits:

Yoga is an accident exercise that dates back over 500 years. This is a form of exercise that improves your flexibility , strength and breathing through different types of yoga postures.

What are the benefits of Yoga ?

The benefits of yoga is that it focuses on increasing your strength , physical activity and promote balance. Yoga is safe for all age groups and studies have shown can help people who have heart disease, blood pressure , aches and pains in the lower back.

Also can help with depression, relieve stress and promotes the body to stretch.

Can Yoga prevent falls ?

Yoga aims to improve ones balance. Therefore , it can help to prevent falls due to the exercise focusing on strengthening the lower body; such as knees and ankles.

Can Yoga help with arthritis?

Yoga is popular amongst people who have arthritis as it promotes flexibility and strength. Yoga can reduce pain in knees of people with oestoarthritis. Those with this condition only gentle yoga is suitable.

Do I need to be fit to do Yoga?

Yoga is suitable for all ages and all fitness levels.


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