Winter Skin

Dermatologist examining patient for signs of skin cancerWe all know that winter is harsh and that it can make the skin dry. But, we can do things to protect the your skin from drying out this winter. This is by changing your skincare routine to be more gentle on the skin. For instance, it is best to use a foaming or a gel cleanser. This will to prevent a lot of oil stripping the skin.

Another way to help you combat winter skin, is to hydrate the skin with a moisturizer. The best one in the winter is the thick moisturizer, which will help to keep your skin hydrated throughout the winter.

Other tips to keep skin hydrated:

  • To use an antioxidant. This can be found in vitamin C serums. It is important to find a potent vitamin C in order to get the full benefits of being anti-ageing. Also, this helps to hydrate the skin and give it moisture during these winter months.
  • Keep your skin protected by using sunscreen. This helps to keep your skin protected through the winter from UV rays damage.

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