What skin type do I have?

We all have different types of skin. But how do we know what type we may have. It is best to know ant type you have so you know how to care for your skin well. 

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Normal skin:

People who have this type of skin are quite lucky. As they don’t experience any acne. Also you may feel that you don’t need any extra moisture or the need to blot your skin. This type of skin have the minimal fine lines and wrinkles.

Oily skin:

People who have oil skin are more likely to break out with acne. Also you are more likely to use blotting paper or mattifying powers. Also the makeup you use may not last long and wear off. So you are more likely to use a makeup primer.  If you have this type of skin you need to look for noncomedogenic products in order to stop those break outs. Also best is to use an oil free moisturizer as you would not want to add extra moisture.

Dry skin:

People who have this type of skin find their skin dry or tight. Also you may feel the need to always add moisterizer. To care for this skin best you should only use luke warm water to wash your skin. This way you are not over drying your skin. Avoid washing your face with hot water as this will only make it dry and itchy. Also avoid harsh soaps as it will dry your skin out more. Instead use a gentle face cleansers. 

Combination skin:

Those who have this type of skin have areas of the face that are dry and some areas that are oily. Oily areas are found in the T-zone, which includes the forehead and our nose. To care for this skin find skincare products that are targeted for combination skin.

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