What Is Skin Resurfacing?

At Saints European we have a revolutionary technology to skin resurfacing, giving you the smooth, glowing, scar free and acne free skin. Additionally, improving texture of the skin and encourage collagen production. Giving you the youthful appearance you always wanted.

Skin ResurfacingHow does Skin Resurfacing work?

This is a customizable skin treatment thats uses fractional radio frequency (RF) to resolve mild and severe skin damage. While stimulating collagen production in the skin giving you a youthful appearance.

Skin Resurfacing ProcedureWhat is the down time for Skin Resurfacing?

This procedure has a low downtime perfect for those who want to go back to work straight after the treatment.


Is Skin Resurfacing safe?

Yes, it is safe and suitable for all skin types

What skin conditions does Saints European Skin Resurfacing help with?

Before and After Skin ResurfacingAcne scars and other scares:


Enlarged Pores

Deep Wrinkles


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