Want clearer skin?

It is hard during our busy lifestyles to keep our skin healthy. However, there are few tips we can do during our busy days to get clearer skin. Follow the tips below will help you to make that move to healthier skin.

    1. Wash your face twice in a day

young woman washing faceThe lack of washing you face leads to dirt being trapped in the pores. This results in breakouts. Studies have shown that people who only washed their face once are more prone to acne than people who washed their face twice. Thus, implying that washing the face more than once helps to maintain clearer skin.

    2. Use a gentle cleanser

We tend to think that using a stronger cleanser is the best. However, it only overly strips the skin from its oils, causing dry skin. It’s best to use a cleanser that is milder on the skin. Therefore, whether you buy an expensive or cheaper cleanser, the most important is to use the one that is gentle.

    3. Using anti-acne products in your skincare routine to maintain clearer skin

055B5AA5-D46D-46CB-ADFA-D6C14F02EBE6If your a sufferer of acne it is best to use acne fighting products to prevent the breakouts. For instance if you have blackheads and bumps best is to use retinoids to keep those pores clean. For mild acne best to use topical benzoyl peroxide can treat it. However, no matter what type of acne you have from mild to severe, it is best is to see a skincare specialist. A skincare specialist will provide you with products and skin treatments that will target specific acne you have. Thus, it is always important to seek professional advice in relation to your skin.

    4. Moisturizer

Often the reason we breakout can be due to the moisturizer we use. For instance if you have oily and acne prone skin, the oiler moisturizer will only block the pores giving you acne. The best solution is to go for moisturizer that are lightweight, noncomedogenic and non greasy.

    5. Exfoliation

47395C4D-CBAC-4DEA-A204-33F4CBB96B89The process of exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells, which prevent those pores from getting clogged. Thus, it is important for individual to use exfoliation mask or scrubs and even have microdermabrasion treatments regularly to ensure the skin remain clear and free from acne.

    6. Other tips to get clearer skin:

  • Ensure you get 7 to 8 hours sleep each night
  • Use noncomedogenic makeup and oil free makeup
  • Don’t pick on your acne, as this only spreads bacteria from your hand to your skin, making the acne worse and cause scarring.
  • Ensure you relax by doing meditation, as high level of stress result in breakouts.
  • Reduce the intake of sugar. As food that are high in carbohydrates and sugar leads to acne.
  • Stop smoking. Studies have shown that people who smoke are more acne prone than people who don’t smoke.
  • Having regular facials and microdermabrasion treatments by a specialized skin specialist to ensure a clearer complexion is maintained.

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