Want better skin in 2020?

C912FB84-C736-4831-B4C1-7A54C8B42E8AThe year of 2020 is now upon us. We all have made our New Years resolution to make good changes for the year head. One good change we can make is to better look after our skin by following essential skincare tip we can all take. Skincare experts have come up with these tips for us to follow.

1. Wear sunscreen everyday

Wearing sunscreen everyday helps to protect the skin. Even in the winter months it is still important to wear sunscreen. Since there is still UVA and UVB rays present. So wearing sunscreen can help to protect you from these rays your exposed to daily. These rays causes damages the skin. This results in sun spots, wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin. Thus wearing sunscreen daily reduces premature sign of ageing.

2. Washing your face daily

young woman washing face

Regularly wash your face

Failing to wash your face leads to many problems, like acne, blackheads and ageing. Not washing your face allows makeup and other substances to clog your pores and resulting in bacteria building up leading to appearance of acne. Just washing your face twice a day helps to solve these issues. Thus, incorporate this daily habit can resolve your issues.


3. Washing makeup brushes and sponges

Washing make up brushes and sponges are important. Without us even realizing they harbour bacteria. These bacteria buildup with oils and dust overtime and cause acne, skin irritation and skin infections. Thus, it is important to purchase a cleanser to clean your makeup tools.

4. Using vitamin c serum

It is good time to invest in a high potent antioxidant vitamin c serum. This help to maintain its health and elasticity. While helping you to keep its youthful appearance. Incorporating vitamin c in your routine will help protect your skin from free radical damage from the environment and sun. Thus, having a overall benefit.

5. Taking probiotic supplement

Taking probiotic helps to build up the good bacteria in the gut. Gut health reflect on the skin. For instance, a good clean gut equals to a healthy skin. Whereas, a unhealthy and backed up gut reflects on the  skin as acne to come to the surface. Thus, probiotic is a great item to add in your health care routine this year.

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