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Antibacterial Hair Removal

The only soy based antibacterial and antimicrobial hair removal system with nufree available. Nufree contains no wax and no sugar. Formulated only to stick to hair and not to skin, removing the entire bulb and shaft of the hair.

What Are The Benefits of The Nufree Hair Removal System?

With patented anti-bacterial and anti-microbial after treatment (finipil), clients are protected against ingrowns, bacteria and anything else that may clog the empty follicle. Lasts 4 – 6 weeks.

Waxing Sylva NC

What Parts of The Body Are Able to Be Waxed with Nufree?

Waxing services include: Upper lip, facial hair, underarms, arms, back, chest, legs, bikini, Gentleman’s back and chest.

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