Eyebrows are the frame of the eye and face. Eyebrow Threading is preferred by Indian Bollywood and Hollywood movie stars distinguished by their crisp brow lines. You will marvel at the incredible difference well-groomed eyebrows make to your overall appearance — an instant facelift. As seen on Dr. Oz. Please call our friendly staff for pricing.

What is Threading?

Threading is an ancient and unique technique for the removal of unwanted facial hair. This method is suitable for males and females of all ages. Threading is used in many countries in the Middle East as well as in Asia and Eastern Africa; and is gaining world-wide popularity.

Using a special eyebrow thread, the technique twists and rolls the thread along the surface of the skin entwining the hair, which is then pulled from the follicle. Threading lasts 4-6 weeks before hair grows back. The hair removal is not just for the eyebrows but also for facial hair.


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Eyebrow Threading Vs. Waxing

Is Threading Painful?

Threading is less painful in comparison to other methods of hair removal such as tweezing and waxing. Unlike the use of depilatories, Threading has minimal side effects of irritation and puffiness. Threading is highly recommended by dermatologists and for those who use Retin A, Accutane and other similar products.

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