Mineral Facial

What is Mineral Facial?

This Facial is paraben free, fragrance free, 100 percent natural ingredients, and Minerals from the sea. It is great for teenagers, first timers, and for Rosacea, Acne, Pigmentation, Eczema, Rashes, and Psoriasis.

What does Mineral Facial help?

This helps to liquefy and remove dead skin cells and impurities that accumulate on the surface of the skin, while being gentle on the skin.

This facial also helps damage skin, wrinkles, pore size and fade discoloration, and leaves the skin looking smooth and healthy with a beautiful glow.

What does the treatment entail?

The treatment entails Deep Cleansing, Extractions, Sea Minerals and Accupressure,

How many treatments is needed?

The Number of treatments needed is a total of 6, 2 weeks apart and then monthly.

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