European Maskne Facial

What is Maskne Facial?

Maskne facial is a type of breakout that results from wearing mask and friction.

How does Maskne Facial work?

The peel is derived from bitter almonds from Germany and has potent antimicrobial properties. Helps with common skin conditions like photo aging, irregular pigmentation, and acne.

It acts by dissolving the intercellular cement, stimulating collagen synthesis and promoting cellular regeneration.

What is the main ingredient?

Has Pyruvic Acid which converts to lactic acid making it particular effective topical peeling agent with low risk of scarring and has antimicrobial activity. This also significantly increases skin hydration, and decrease in the amount of melanin in the epidermis.

Lactoferrin which promotes cellular proliferation and modulation of the immune system. It modulates melanogenesis with a skin – whitening action.

We have 2 levels of peel 1 for Cystic Acne and 1 for Acute Acne (Maskne)

How many treatments is needed?

We recommend to have 4 Treatments 2 weeks apart. Then 2 treatments for 2 months and then once every 3-4 months if needed.

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