European Flash Wow! Peel

A skin Regeneration 

What is European Peel? 

A Peel that is award winning, unique, safe, and effective for all skin types.  European Peel is all-natural made of bitter almonds from Germany. It is stronger in peel with a PH of minus 1, it works from the inside, very gentle in side effects but stronger in results with no irritations or peeling. Great for all skin types. 

How is European Peel different from other professional peels? Although we have many professional peels addressing different skin  conditions 

European peel is a medical peel due to its PH being less than 1 with no peeling like snakeskin, as well as no burning or itching. TCA Peel has a PH  of 3.8 and works from the outside where there’s a lot of peeling and irritation. Both peels are excellent but European Peel is more Medical with no downtime. 

What are the different Peels? 

Flash Peel – Have an event, this is a WOW peel that makes you glow,  brightens, and gets rid of yellowness in the skin that’s from smoking. A  great peel for age 50 plus. 

Acne – medium depth peel. As the peel is antibacterial helps with Acne,  Nodules, Cystic Acne, and Stretch Marks. 

Maskne – A Peel that is excellent if struggling with mask breakouts. Mask breakouts occur due to humidity and movement of the chin activating oil glands, as well as bacteria. 

Melasma / Pigmentation – A peel that works from the inside to correct pigmentation, lightening and brightening overall skin. Also works great on darkening around eyes and eyelids. 

Acne with Pigmentation – A peel that kills bacteria reducing breakouts and correcting pigmentation all at the same time.

How many Treatments is needed? 

4 sessions are needed for 2 months (2 weeks). 

1 session every month for 2. 

Maintenance 1 session every other month. 

Is it necessary to use Home Care Products prescribed to you? It is very important to use home products that are prescribed for you so that you can continue correcting skin, as I can correct but if use something else will not get that 100% that we want to achieve. Basically back to how you were before. It is highly recommended to use the right products advised.

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