Non-Invasive Lipo – Body Fat Reduction and Tightening

Lipolysis Body Fat Reduction. (Award Winning)

What is Lipolysis Body Fat Reduction?

A Permanent Body Fat Reduction that is non invasive and non surgical for Abdomen, Flanks and other parts of the Body. As well as Tighten Skin and reduce cellulite.

How does Lipolysis Body Fat Reduction work?

This is a Laser Lipolysis Machine that uses 4 applicator and is applied to abdomen/flanks or other parts of the body. The heat then penetrates deep below the skin where fat is heated and broken down.

Is there any side effects or down time after the treatment?

There is no down time or any side effects very relaxing and is permanent.

Before After Per Fat Red

What is the post care?

There is no post care other than drinking 8 cups of water for 2 days to help flush out fats and toxins.

After how soon do you see the result?

I have personally seen results in 3 days after 1st Treatment. Works Amazing!

How Many Treatments is needed?

The number of treatments needed is 3, spaced out 4-6 weeks apart.

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