Thin hair troubles


Do you have thin hair troubles as it it bothering you. If you we shall be highlighting tips to in order to deal with thin hair and hair loss. As hair loss is one of reason why you may be noticing you hair has become thin. Also at times thin hair comes about when there is normal changes. For instance, it occurs after giving birth or occur in old age. Also it is a result of certain habits we carry out that brings about this problem. 

Things to avoid:

  • Combing back your hair when wet

We often have a habit of when we come out the shower we tying our hair back or comb our hair when it is wet. However, it is not good for your hair. As the stretch is what makes the hair strand week. This is due to already your hair being more fragile when wet. So it is best to let her hair dry completely before combing or tying the hair back. Another good tip is to use a wide tooth comb when brushing your hair. This will allow the hair to glide through without any pulls. 

  • Using to much oil

We all love using oil in our hair. But with people who have thin hair must avoid this. As using too much oil makes the hair appear flat and the strands get stuck onto the scalps. 

  • The use of incorrect Styling products 

Often the use of incorrect styling products is what makes your hair look thin. This is due to some products weighing the hair down. So it is important to look for a light weight product  that adds volume to your hair. The best one are a thickening spray to use on the hair. 

  • Coloring the hair 

We all know that coloring the hair is no good. But we still do it. However, just adding little color to the hair can make the hair look fuller and thicker. Trick is not to over color the hair. 

  • Conditioner

Using a hair condition only makes your hair look flat. It does do nothing in making your hair look fuller. Instead, it is best to swap for a thickening conditioner that will add body to the hair. 

  • Over washing your hair 

Washing your hair every day is too much, especially if your hair is thin and fragile. It is best to wash the hair 2 to 3 times a week no more than that. Best to also take a hair supplement that contains biotin. Getting the right vitamins is important for the strength and growth of your hair. 

  • Hair extensions

Wearing extensions not only weighs your hair down, but it also makes your hair weak and fragile. This is due to the hair extension adding more pressure on your hair to hold on the hair extension in the first place. Best is to avoid these in order to prevent hair thinning as a result if hair loss. 

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