Sunscreens type is good?

What is sunscreen?

016808BC-7025-457D-9090-102E7BA7C84ESunscreens are a great way to protect your skin from UV damage. It is one of the essential steps we should all carry out every day. Sunscreen acts like a protective layer that protects the skin from not only the sun, but also risk of skin cancer. It is best to find which types of sunscreens work well for you. Whether, that is lotions, creams, spray sunscreen. Thus, it is best to find the one that works well for you.

What do I need to look out?

When buying sunscreens it is important to look at these tips

  1. Look for broad spectrum, which will protect you from UVA and UVB.
  2. Choose the one that has a SPF of 30 to SPF 50+. SPF 50+ will give you the most protection in both sunny and winter climates. Thus, being the best one for a all year round sun protection.
  3. To look out for ingredients such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which are great physical blockers of sun rays.
  4. Look for a sunscreen that suits your skin type, whether that is dry, oily or combination skin type.

What form of sunscreens is the best?

Spray on:

This type is easy to use and can cover a large area of the body. Perfect for the body as you can see the area which been applied to. Often sprays are alcohol base so in some people it can cause skin irritation. However, when applying this, often you think you have covered an area well but you may have not. As some of sunscreen can be expelled into the environment. Thus, you are more likely to more to cover areas well.


Lotions are the most easiest and effective type of sunscreen that can be rubbed into the skin and give you better sun protection. Also they are good to apply on the face and body. Also you don’t need to worry if you have applied enough and protects you from skin cancers as easily absorbed by the skin.This is due to lotions being more creamier and so being the better choice.


Creams is the best for the face as it can be easily absorbed in the skin. Cream sunscreen are also good to moisturize the face and added sun protection. Thus, being a great to use on face and neck. At Saints European we offer great cream sunscreens that are perfect for you to wear daily.

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