Sunscreen mistakes we all make

During the summer months, we all know the importance of using sunscreen. However, are we using the sunscreen correctly?. Incorrectly applying sunscreen means you are not getting sun protection from the sun. Therefore, are more likely to get UVA and UVB damage from the sun.016808BC-7025-457D-9090-102E7BA7C84E

How can I effectively protect my skin in the sun this summer?

  • Use high spf broad spectrum sunscreen
  • Ensure sunscreen has two active ingredient, such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.
  • Use a Mineral base sunscreen
  • Reapply sunscreen frequently, every 2 hours and after exercising, sweating and swimming.


What mistakes to avoid?

  • Avoid using expired sunscreen. Often we don’t look at the expiration date on the bottle. By using an expired sunscreen means the product does not protect you skin. As the chemical UV filters in the sunscreen become fragile. Therefore, it is important to replace any sunscreen that has expired.
  • Not applying enough sunscreen on the skin.   Sunscreen protection is dependent on the amount you apply on the skin. Studies have shown that only 25%- 50% of people apply the correct amount of sunscreen.  The best way is to apply 5 cent size of sunscreen to the face and neck. Thus, giving you the full protection.
  • Not applying sunscreen every 2 hours. Often we get lazy and not reapply when we are out and about in the sun.The chemical filters break down by the sun rays. Thus, it important to regularly reapply sunscreen.
  • Applying sunscreen on sunny days or mid days only. We think that the only time to apply sunscreen is when there are high level of sun rays. But we fail to realize that there are sun rays even on cloudy days and not so sunny days. UV rays are still present and can damage the skin. Therefore, it is important to apply sunscreen at all time no matter what the season or time of the day it is.
  • Another mistake is not wearing sunscreen, because makeup has sunscreen in it. This  does not mean you are protected from the sun. For sun protection broad spectrum sunscreen is still needed.

How can I effectively protect myself from the sun?

Wearing protective clothing plays an important part in protecting your skin from the sun. As we both need sunscreen and protective clothing to protect ourselves effectively from the sun. For instance, wearing hats, long sleeves clothing ensure that other areas of the skin don’t get burned or damaged.

At Saints European, we have a high broad spectrum sunscreen available to purchase, which will ensure that your skin is protected well throughout the year.

To find out more, please feel free to give our friendly staff a call on (828) 586-6172 !

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