Is Sunless Tan the Future of Tanning?

At Saints European we believe in products and services that are kind to the skin, without causing any damage to the skin.

We offer a unique sunless tanning procedure that gives you the tan of your dreams without spending a long time in the sun, which would result in free radical and skin damage.

How does sunless tanning work?wax

Sunless tanning works by a tanning agent called DHA that is specially used to create a tanned appearance giving you the brown appearance on the skin.

The agent that is used targets the upper layer of the skin. The tanning color usefully develops within 2 to 4 hours. Therefore, for a good tan it’s is important to exfoliate the skin before getting the sunless tan procedure. Once the sunless tanning procedure is carried out, the color usually last up to 5 to 7 days, as a result of the skins natural process of exfoliation.

Tips to keep a long lasting sunless tan:skin-tight

1. To exfoliate the skin before having sunless tanning.
2. Carry out hair removal few days before the procedure. This stops any hair removal procedure affecting the appearance and longevity of the tan.
3. After the procedure is carried out wait till 24 hours before having a shower. This allows the color to effectively penetrate the skin.
4. Avoid going into swimming pools, as the chlorine content makes the tan fade.
5. Keeping skin moisturized, as dry, flaky skin causes the tan to fade sooner.
6. Using tan prolong wear products, as an aftercare for your tan.

Who uses sunless tanning and it is safe?model

Sunless tanning is popular among celebrities and well known dancers. Also it is suitable for everyone, no matter what their age range is. And is completely safe for everyone, as it does not damage the skin or cause any damage as a result of one being in the sun.

To find out more about our sunless tanning, please call our friendly team today on (828) 586 – 6172!

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