Sunburn, what should I do?

In hot summer months, we all love spending time in the sun. Often we don’t realise how the rays of the sun damages our skin. This also applies to us in the winter, where the sun is bright, exposing us to UV rays but without the heat. During the winter UV rays may not burn the skin, but it has a deeper impact on the skins dermal layer. Thus, giving the rise to skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation, melanomas and photo-ageing skin.


How to avoid a sunburn?

It is very important to avoid a sunburn due to that damaging impact it has the skin. As sunburn increases the chance of getting melanoma and can lead to permanent photo-ageing. Spending long hours in the sun, without any sun protection results in sunburn. Therefore, sunburn also give rise to skin cancer, so it is important to always stay protected in the sun.


Skin cancer

Skin cancer: Squamous cell carcinoma (disease of older cells on the surface skin), basal-cell cancer (begins in the basal cells) and Melanoma (arises in the pigment cells – melanocytes). layers of human skin and healthy epidermis. Medical diagram

What can I do to protect my skin?

  • Try and avoid direct sunlight, either through the window and thought the clouds. 
  • If you do decide to spend time outdoors, it is important to wear protective clothing. 
  • Wear sunscreen of SPF 50 daily, ensure you reapply every 2 hours when exercising, sweating and in the water.

How should I take care of a sunburn?

  • Try to avoid UV rays , whether that is direct sun exposure or indirectly through windows and clouds.
  • After a sunburn, it is important to cover the area with woven clothing to block out sun rays penetrating the skin further.
  • Take cool showers. Since hot showers will only aggravate the sunburn.
  • Apply moisturizer that is soothing to the skin, like aloe vera.
  • Stay well hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
  • Seek medical advice in getting a creams to heal the sunburn. For instance hydrocortisone. Thus, reducing inflammation and promote healing.
  • If blisters form after the sunburn, ensure that you do not pick the blister to avoid any infection. 


Following these steps, will ensure you to best prepared for those summer months, where sunburns are more prevalent. Thus, allowing you to reduce your chance of getting sunburnt in the summer.  AB554140-865B-4061-BFD1-1B457BA75313

At Saints European, we have SPF 50 Sunscreen available and skin treatments for pigmentation, photo ageing and many more available. Thus, helping you reverse the damage from the sun.

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