Stressed skin signs

We all go through stress on a daily basis. But we often miss the signs it shows on our faces. The daily stressors we face from our daily lives or work life all have a toll on our skin. There are signs that we can look out for in order for us to identify stressed skin signs in our lives. 

Skin problems

1. Cause of break outs

When we are stressed it can cause breakout on our skin. This is due to stress causing a rise in cortisol levels that causes this type of break out. However, this type of stress related breakout is not caused by what we eat, such as  pasta, wine or baked foods. 

2. Redness 

Since breakouts causes the skin to become inflamed it can become red. This is due to stress causing the blood vessels in our skin to fill up and for the capillaries to dilate causing a more flushed appearance. Moreover, the stress hormone called cortisol causes more inflamed and irritated  breakouts than usual. 

3. Face picking 

When we are stressed and are faced with these breakouts. Often we tend to pick on our breakouts. This is not good for you as it causes the skin to scar. This is known as acne scarring that tend not to go on its own and often require further treatment from a skin care specialist in order to resolve the problem. Hence, it is best that when we get these acne breakouts as a result of stress not to pick to at them. 

4. Dryness 

Stress breakouts can also cause dryness. This is due to when we are stressed the cortisol hormone is released. This released cortisol causes the skin to become dry to causing dehydration and affecting the skins protective barrier.

What can I do?

  • Carry out meditation to control the stress, which in turn will help with the acne breakouts.
  • Seek medical skincare advice from a skincare specialist in order to treat stress related acne. 
  • Exercise regularly in order to combat stress, as exercise can help you to feel less stressed and revitalized. 
  • Do not pick any acne on the face in order to avoid any possible scarring. 
  • Apply an oil free moisturizer in order to deal with the skin dryness you could be experiencing as a result of stress related acne. 

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