Stress impact on your skin

skin-tIn our lives we all have experienced episode of stress. Some of us it’s only during at certain times and for others it is a long term. The severity experienced varies throughout our lives. Most of us do experience stress associated with our work lives, home duties and when needing to payoff debts. However, do we realise how it has an impact on our skin? Often we don’t think about this. Therefore, this blog will outline what stress is and how it has impact on your skin.

What is stress?

When we are in a stressful situation our body produced cortisol. This is a stress hormone. When this hormone is produces it has an effect on your skin and health. For instance, it can cause breakouts, inflammation, slow down the repair system in our body and weaken our immune system. Thus, affecting us in many different ways.

How can stress affect us?

1. Breakouts

We all know that stress causes breakout but do we know why. It is because it causes an increase production in oils by our oil glands. This with pollution causes our pores to get blocked leading acne. The increase in oil production feeds the oils feeding bacteria on the skin leading to acne. However, you can try to manage your level of stress by carrying out quick meditation. Therefore, to reduce the effect it has on your skin it is best to undertake meditation.

2. Touching the face

When stressed without us realising causes us to pick our face. This is caused by the brain sending signals to touch our skin when we experience anxiety. Picking and touching the skin causes the bacteria on our fingers to spread on our skin which causes scarring, acne and inflammation. Thus, skin picking when stressed has a detrimental effect on our skin.

3. Dry skin

Stress can cause our skin to become dry and itchy. This is due to high levels of cortisol causes the skin to become dehydrated. Dehydrated skin is as a result of the skin barrier being comprised. Thus, the skin being unable to withhold moisture in the skin.

4. Skin redness

When we experience stress more blood run through our blood vessels and capillaries causing our complexion to become more flushed.  The surge of cortisol in our body when stressed causes the skin to become inflamed, red and irritated. Thus, bringing about acne and eczema.

What can I do?

  • Partake in meditation
  • Have moments when you can unwind and relax
  • See how you can manage your stress better to avoid high surge of cortisol in your body.
  • Have regular skin treatments to reduce the damage stress cause on your skin.

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