Snail facial, is this the facial for the future to come?

Snail facial Procedure ModelWhat is snail facial?

Snail facial is a quite recent discovery that was made in 2013 at a spa in Tokyo. Snail facial has been dated back to the ancient Greeks, hypocrites who used crushed snails to treat skin inflammation. In the 21st century snails are farmed and given chemical free diet are place on the skin. This type of facial are cheaper and some have said that the results are gradual and take time to see. There are spas trying the new style of treatment in China, London and soon spreading to Bangkok. While in France they have started incorporating the mucus of snails in creams and lotions.


Snail facial Procedure ModelHow does Snail facial work?

When the snail are stressed mucus is released, which is know to have nutritional and antioxidant benefits according Dr Dissapong Panithaporn and other dermatologists. However, there is no scientific research on how it works on the skin. Snail mucus contains natural antibiotics, protein and hyaluronic acid which hydrates the skin.


Snail facial Procedure ModelIs snail mucus it safe ?

There is no scientific evidence or research stating the the full safety of the mucus long term. Neither mention the long term effectiveness it has on the skin. Therefore, there is no hard data in backing up the claims of snail mucus reducing wrinkles, helping with acne, dark pigmentation or hydration. So the true safety can be questionable and needs scientific research.


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