Skip the false lashes, grow your own

revitalashWe all like to have those luscious and long lashes. But, at what expense. We normally opt for having false lashes or lash extension being put in in order to give us that look. However, we dont know the damage it can do over time leaving your with sparse eyebrows. 

What do false lashes and lash extensions do?

False lashes, we know comes as a strip , some do come as individual hairs that can be glued onto your normal lashes. With the weight of the lashed on your normal lashes can cause you own lashes to fall. Also, at time of removing the lashes, if its not done properly it can cause the glue to take away some of your normal lashes too. 

In terms of lash extensions, individual lashes are applied to your normal lashes. This only add weight to your own lashes. This then can cause your own lashes to fall. In addition, with regular use will lead you to get sparse eye lashes that will  only make you depend on the lash extensions more. 

What can I do to avoid this? 

It is best to keep your lashes as natural without the need of adding any false lashes or lash extensions. Instead, try to achieve that fuller look by using a good volumizing mascara. As this will help to add volume and length. 

Another option, is that you can invest in lash growth serums, especially if you find you’re lash sparse and want them to look fuller and longer. A best one is by revitalash, that can help you to grow your lashes. Furthermore, they do have their own mascara that can help you achieve the false lash look without the need of getting any procedure done. 

Where can I Revitalash from?

At saints European we carry the full range Revitalash, whether this is from the lash growth serum all the way to the brow gel. 

If your wanting to find out more, please feel free to contact our friendly staff on (828) 586-6172. 

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