Skin cancer prevention

97B9E639-2446-4AFB-A441-519953D7D5F9Our skin is a vital organ of our body that acts as a barrier from outside environment. However, our skin are still exposed to the rays of the sun. This in moderation is ok, but it is best to be sun wise and stay protect when in the sun. As the rays from the sun are made of ultra violet light. Ultra violet light damages the skins DNA  and can lead to premature ageing and skin cancer. Thus, it is important for us to know how to stay protected in the sun.

How can being safe in the sun help my skin?

016808BC-7025-457D-9090-102E7BA7C84EWe don’t say to avoid the sun all together to avoid that damage. However, just by avoiding those peaks hours between 10am – 3pm can helps to reduce the signs of wrinkles, sun damage and risk of skin cancer. It is always best to protect yourself from the sun by applying a broad spectrum sunscreen. Another way you can protect yourself from the risk of certain skin cancers is by having regular skin treatments to protect and improve your skin. This will free the skin from any sun damage. Thus, reducing the risk of certain skin cancers.

What preventative tips can I follow to reduce my risk of skin cancer?

1. Having a healthy diet.

This can help the body to repair the damage from within. For instance, eating fruits and vegetable that are high in antioxidants help the whole body.  You may want to include foods dark green leafy vegetable, kale, broccoli, spinach and citrus fruits. These will help the skin to maintain its health glow and reduce the risk of skin cancer from within by 50%.

2. Take vitamin B3 supplements.

Vitamin B3 supplements are good for the skin and can help prevent skin cancer. As well as it can help to boost the repair process of our DNA.

3. Wearing sunscreen everyday.

Even though there may be no sun out, but we are still exposed to the UVA and UVB rays. Investing in a good  sunscreen that contains zinc and titanium dioxide offer the best protection. It is best to wear protective clothing and halts along with sunscreen when going out in the sun to ensure you are protected. Thus, by carrying out this practice will reduce your risk of skin cancer.

4. Repair the sun damage with laser treatments.

Repair your skin by having carbon dioxide laser treatments. This treatment reaches the deep layer of the skin and remove pre-cancerous cells. For instance, it can help to remove scarring, wrinkles, fine lines and tat the same time regenerate healthy skin cells and collagen. It is best to go to qualified skin specialist to see if this treatment is suitable and at what strength suits your skin. Thus, this can be a way of removing sun damage that has been done previously.

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