Reverse your skin conditions with VI Peel

Better Skin with VI PeelThe skin is one of the largest organs in the body that goes through a lot over the years. One of it is the process of ageing . Environmental factors and sun exposure contributes to ageing over time. This occurs gradually over the time and results in the skin being laxed. Whereas, others who skin may not be aged or laxed have other skin conditions, such as acne, uneven skin tone and pigmentation.

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VI peel is a treatment that can reverse your skin condition in just little as 7 days. This peel rejuvenated the skin and reduces damage. While, promoting a more even skin tone, smoother and clearer skin.


Skin ConditionsWhat skin conditions do VI Peel help to treat?

* Helps with Acne
* Fine lines
* Wrinkles
* Rough and dull skin
* Pigmentation
* Melasma

What is the difference from VI Peel to other peels?

* There is minimal down timeMore Skin Conditions
* Virtually painless treatment
* Safe to be used on both the face and body
* You can see the difference in as little as first treatment, however with continued treatments you can see a more fuller results.

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