pH scale of skin, what is it?

751324B9-A34E-4D10-A3B5-E0E84DDF30FDWe often hear from time to time about pH levels. Whether that is about our body or skin and that the pH should be balanced or neutral. But is that the same for our skin. This is a numerical scale of 0 to 14, that measures how acidic, neutral or alkaline something is. Our skin is one of the largest organs in the body. So it is important that our skin is at its optimum scale in order to function at its best. The ideal pH environment for our skin is when it reaches the 5.5 scale, which is more on a acidic level. This ensures that the skin can maintain a good barrier against bacteria and promote natural oils to moisturize the skin. Therefore, at an acidic environment allows the skin to perform at its full optimal level.

Why is it important to keep my skin balanced ?

Too high or too low of a pH is not good in maintains the skins defence mechanism. This deviation in results in inflammation and irritation. Since the natural oils and bacteria has been disrupted. Thus, it is important to keep the skins balanced.

What signs should I look out for that shows my skin is out of balance?

  • Red,itchy and flaky skin.
  • Skin becoming too dry or too oily.

These signs above shows that the skin is not at its ideal pH, leading to a inflammatory response. pH that is too alkaline leads to the skin becoming dry and prone to skin dehydration, leading to eczema flare ups, fine lines and wrinkles. However, too low of an acidic pH leads to an increase in redness and inflammation of the skin. Therefore, it is important to identify this signs of our skins pH in order us to maintain good skin.

What can I do to restore my skins pH?

  • Taking probiotic can restore the balance of the skin.
  • Skin requires good skincare regimen to ensure it performing at its best. This is where it is important to invest in medical grade skincare product, which is also available at Saints European.
  • Treat your skin with care by not over washing, over scrubbing and using random skin products.

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