Is peach fuzz giving you grief , preventing smooth application of make up and not giving you smooth and glowing skin?

Peach fuzz can be the problem of the past with a simple procedure called Dermaplaning


What is dermaplaning?

non-invasiveDermaplaning is a procedure that removes peach fuzz , giving you baby like bottom skin. It is completely painless and takes a short time, so can easily be done during ones lunch hour. A simple procedure that exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells using a blade gently, giving you smother and softer skin in minutes. Many top models and actresses go for this procedure to remove their peach fuzz effortlessly and perfect for those picture perfect skin in photos.

How long does the procedure take?dermaplaning-b-a

Dermaplaning takes only 45 minutes , recommended every month to keep peach fuzz at bay.

Are there any side effects ?

There are no side effective and no down time

Does dermaplaning help with skin product penetration?

Yes, dermaplaning helps skin products to penetrate the skin more effectively as the top layer of dead skin cells is removed in the process.

What are you waiting for, call our friendly team on (828) 586-6172 / (828) 361-6675 to book a Dermaplaning appointment today !!

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