Myths about your oily skin

97B9E639-2446-4AFB-A441-519953D7D5F9Skin is one of the largest organ that surrounds our body. There are many types of skin type we have on our face. We can have a variety of skin types such as dry, combination of dry and oily or even oily skin. The most problematic skin type people face is those with oily skin. Often people with this skin type feel they have oily skin due to what they eat or bad habits they have. However, this is not always the case. As oily skin is also completely normal and natural. Thus, is best to understand the myths behind oily skin.

Oily skin Myths:

  1. Oily skin is due to poor habits. This is often not that case. The reason why you get oily skin is all down to genetics. As this causes the glands to produce oil. Moreover, your DNA and family genetics is what plays the part in your getting oily skin. However, sometimes certain skin products can make your situation worst and making the skin even more oilier than need be. So it is important that you use the right skincare to keep your skin under control.
  2. Poor diet causes over production of oil. This myth is not entirely true. As eating foods that are high in oils does not mean it’s causes those glands in the skin to produce more oils. As the oils we produce in the skin is known as sebum, which is different than the oil we consume. However, eating foods that are high in diary and sugar causes the skin the skin to produce an inflammatory response. This inflammatory response leads to more blackheads and  acne breakouts. However oil production is only due to genetics. Therefore, poor diet can only increase your chance of a breakout and not influence oil production.
  3. Using certain products can help with excess oil production. People often feel that using alcohol toners and masks everyday help with their skin. These products to suck up excess oil but it leaves the skin dry and irritated . This makes the skin more prone to fine lines and wrinkles as it dehydrates the skin. To keep your oily skin under control it is best to use products, such as moisturizers that are oil free and toners that are alcohol free. This would prevent over drying your skin out and balance out the oil production in the skin. Thus, best to use the correct products to suit your skin type than using unnecessary harsh products.
  4. I’ll always have oily skin. This myth is somewhat true, as oils skin is due to genetics. But you can look after oily skin by following the right skin care regimen. It is best to use products such as, salicylic acid toners to dissolve those oily spots. Therefore, oily skin can be managed.

often myths are not true, it is always best to seek advice from a skincare specialist who can debunk these myths. While telling you how to look after your skin better. At Saints European we have products suited to control oily skin.


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