Does Microcurrent Facial Really Help?

agingWhat is microcurrent facial?

Microcurrent facial is suitable for all skin types. This treatment uses low level current to encourage the body to release skin enhancement chemical at a cellular level. Muscles are re-educated in the face and neck giving you a sculpted and youthful appearance. Microcurrent is a perfect treatment to combat the signs of aging.


Benefits of Microcurrent Facial:DF2D3EAE-23C8-4F9B-82F0-1000C92BF06C

* Improves and tones muscle on the face and neck
* Lifts jowls and eyebrows muscles
* Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
* Encourages blood circulation
* Promotes lymphatic drainage
* Encourages better product penetration to the skin
* No down time
* Regular treatments are needed to see the full benefits
* Non- invasive facelift


What does studies say?

Studies have shown that microcurrent facial promotes the production of collagen and elastic, while improving blood circulation. This treatment has particularly been popular among celebrity’s who often says it a non-invasive  and is a natural face lift treatment.

Microcurrent facial is available at Saints European, call our friendly staff today !

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