Is Psoriasis killing your confidence?

Psoriasis is a skin condition that is not contagious. While only some individuals go through this in their life. Not many of us are aware about this skin condition and how it  impacts us in our daily lives.  This skin condition has an impact on our confidence, appearance, work relations and relationships. Thus, having a wider impact on our lives. skin-care

How do people get Psoriasis?

When looking at this, it is important to understand this condition is an inherited from our genes. But this does not mean that people who have this give birth to children with Psoriasis. However, the arising of this skin condition, is mainly due to a combination of genes that trigger the symptoms. Therefore, Psoriasis is due to combination of genes, rather than a particular gene. 

What are the symptoms and how can I tell I have Psoriasis?

Symptoms can be notices visually on the skin.  For instance, individuals will notice red raised, itchy and scaly patches of the skin.  This occurs as a result abnormal functions of our immune cells in the body. Thus, resulting in the skin to thicken and to scale due skin cell turnover being fast, usually in just 4 days.

What does it look like?

  • Thick skin patches on the elbows,knees and scalp.
  • Inflammation and scaling on the chest, hands, soles,back and other areas of the body.

What treatments can I do for Psoriasis?

There are many treatments available to those with this skin condition.

  • Certain creams, ointment can help best manage this condition. 
  • Having phototherapy treatments to help manage severe psoriasis. This involves using ultraviolet light that is carried out every 6 – 8 weeks. This type used by skin specialist does not cause any harm and differ from uv light used in sun beds. Therefore, it’s advisable to seek phototherapy by specialized skin specialist.  

At Saints European we offer photo light therapy to help with the management and treatment of Psoriasis.

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