How to regrow lashes

Lashes is what helps to frame the eyes, and makes our eyes look more open. Often we don’t realise what causes our lashes to fall. There are certain reasons to why this can happen. One of the reason to applying false lashes or carrying out last extensions. This is what makes the root of the eyelash weak and cause it to fall down. Another reason is using waterproof mascara. Thus is where the formulation of the mascara is too thick and difficult to remove, that when you try to remove it your own lashes fall off.

What can I do to prevent such eyelash loss?

  • Try using eye lash enchanter serums, like eyelash growers. This can help to strength the roots and cause your lashes to grow. The results of this does take around 6 weeks. But you will see the difference. At Saints European, we have the highest medical grade eye lash growing serum that can help to regrow and enhance your lashes.
  • Try to distress, since stress can cause one to lose their lashes.
  • Lightly condition your lashes, with olive oil as it helps to keep them moisturize.

What happens if my eyes lashes don’t return?

If your lashes don’t return, even after trying all types of methods. Then it’s best to consult your dermatologist or doctor  who can identify if the sparse lashes is due to an underlying thyroid condition.

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