How to avoid dry hands this Winter

As we are still in the winter months. It is common for our hands to become dry due to the climate. As the air gets colder, tend to suck out moisture in the hands. Therefore, there is more likely to be dried up.


What are signs I need to look for?

We can notice certain signs like soreness, scaling and slight redness. Since hands are the most vulnerable, especial the knuckles. Therefore, it is best to keep the hands protected during these months. 

Why does this happen?

During the winter months, the cold temperature lowers the humidity in the air. 

This results in the air not holding any water. Therefore, no moisture in the air results in water expelling from the skin, giving you those dry and cracked hands.

What can I do to prevent dry hands?

  1. Stop using perfumed soap.If you have dry skin it is important to avoid using perfumed soap. This dry the hand and remove the moisture from the skin. Instead, replace bar soaps with cream soaps to add moisture back into the skin. Look for certain ingredients like glycerine and lanolin, which softens the skin and makes the skin waterproof. 
  2. Wash you hands with the right water temperature. Avoid washing your hands in hot water. As this dries out the skin and strips out the natural oils. Instead, use warm water to wash your hands. 
  3. Apply moisturizer to the hands. It is best that after washing your hands, to apply moisturizer straight away. This locks in the water in your skin. Therefore, giving you soft and supple hands. 
  4. Ensure you apply moisturizer, thickly at night to lock the moisture in. It is important to avoid perfumed creams, since this can irritate the skin. 
  5. Wear gloves especially during these cooler months. Without us realizing it, gloves pay an important role in slowing down water loss. Thus, being an effective in preventing dry and chapped hands. 

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