Saints European Slimming Suit

Fit ModelThis is a revolutionary technology that slims down the body using heat. The science behind this, it causes the fat cells in the body to expand and release fat and toxins causing the fat cell to empty and shrink. This process is called Lipolysis. Therefore, giving you a flatter waist, tummy, thighs, buttocks, and arms.

This treatment also incorporates pressure therapy that helps to move the fat into the lymphatic system and liver, where it is metabolized by the body and discharged through bowel movement, perspiration, urine and other forms of detoxification.

About Pressure Therapy

This treatment uses pressure therapy that massages the body and penetrates below the skin surface which helps with issues such as, edema, reducing cellulite in the body and helping you to lose those inches. While also improving the circulation around the body.

The Science

Studies have shown that this treatment is effective in reducing the inches and cellulite around the body. For instance, 1 – 3 inches in the waistline in as little as 1 to 2 sessions.

And overall 4-5 inches after 4 sessions. All inches lost will be fat. This is shown on the body composition scale.

Participants in this study have experienced a reduction in aches and pain, as it helps for arthritis and any inflammatory conditions. As well as an increase in energy and a general feeling of wellness.

The benefits of Saints European Slimming Suit:

Fit Model

  • Helps to improve your body circulation
  • Reduces edema and inflammation in the body
  • Provides relief to numbness pain in the body
  • Helps with overall inflammatory conditions
  • Reduces cellulite helping you to slim and tone the whole body, making you lose those inches and fat