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Health & Weight Loss Treatments

Boost energy, sculpt your body, & achieve lasting weight management with our non-invasive approach to health and weight loss treatments.

Empower Your Health and Transform Your Life at Saints European

Tired of restrictive diets and exhausting workouts? Seeking a holistic approach to optimize your health and achieve sustainable weight management? Look no further than the innovative pairing of B12 patches and the European Slimming Suit.

Sustainable Weight Loss, Built on Healthy Habits

Invest in your overall health and confidence by promoting balanced energy levels, healthy metabolism, and a sculpted physique. Our innovative treatments offer a comprehensive approach to well-being, addressing both internal and external factors that contribute to weight management.

Benefits of Health and Weight Loss

Fuel your body with essential B12 for natural energy & optimized metabolism, while the European Slimming Suit sculpts & tones comfortably. Experience lasting health & a sculpted you, inside & out. Learn more about the benefits of health and weight loss:

Boost Energy and Metabolism

B12 patches for natural, sustained energy & improved fat burning.

Sculpt and Tone

European Slimming Suit for comfortable body shaping, reduced cellulite, & enhanced circulation.

Holistic Approach

Address internal & external factors for lasting weight management & overall well-being.

Convenient and Non-Invasive

Enjoy both treatments without needles, pills, or strenuous workouts.

B12 Patches

B12 Patches deliver nutrients into the circulatory system by absorption through the skin. The patch uses a special membrane to control how nutrients pass through the skin and bloodstream.

The drug molecules pass through the top two skin layers – the epidermis and dermis – into the capillaries (tiny blood vessels) to absorb nutrients via the skin into the bloodstream.

By direct delivery to the bloodstream, without first going to the liver (the “first-pass effect”), more nutrients are bio-available. A patch is designed to release the active ingredients at a consistent rate over some time.

Note: The dosage form B12 Patch and B12 Shots is the same as approved by “Mark’s Pharmacy.”


  • Safe
  • No stomach irritation
  • Easily and efficiently absorbed
  • Improved compliance- Ease of use
  • Convenient
  • No painful pills to swallow

Who Needs Vitamin B12?

  • Vegetarians and vegans
  • People over the age of 60
  • Individuals with pernicious anemia
  • Individuals with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Gastric bypass and gastrointestinal disorder patients
  • Athletes
  • Autoimmune disease patients
  • Chronic pancreatic patients
  • Crohn’s disease patients
  • Individuals with malabsorption syndromes
  • Thyroid disease patients
  • Individuals with symptoms suggesting multiple sclerosis (ms4a)

Ready to experience the Health and Weight Loss Treatments? Connect with the Saints European crew at 828.586.6172 or 828.361.6675 or book online.