Get clear skin this winter

Winter is here and often we find that our skin changes. Winter can cause our skin to become dry. This leads to problems like us being tempted to peel or scrub the skin. But this practice.


What can I do to keep my skin clear?

  • Using a cleansing brush 

A cleansing brush helps to take off more dirt, bacteria, and makeup from the skin. Also the brush that is used helps to exfoliate the skin, giving you a more softer and smoother skin. Nevertheless, there is a separate brush for those who have acne. As a rough brush will only cause redness and sensitivity. 

  • Use the right face wash

We often feel that any cash wash will do. But that is not the case. If we do that it will cause the skin problems. As some cleansers will over strip the oils in our skin. So it is best to use the right cleanser for you skin type. If you have dry skin, use a gentle cleanser. If you have normal to oily skin use a foaming cleanser. Whereas, if you have acne  use a cleanser that has salicylic acid. This will help to remove excess oils and trapped dead skin. 

  • Use a toner that is right for you

Choosing a right toner will help your skin. Make sure you don’t use a toner that over strips the skin. If you have acne and want to remove dead skin, best to use a toner that contains glycolic acid or salicylic acid. 

  • Don’t pick or poke the skin

This will only cause scarring that will not go away on it own. Thus would require specialized  skin treatments to resolve. 

  • Don’t give up on sunscreen 

Sunscreen is your skins best friend, even in the winter. It will help to protect your skin from UV rays from the winter sun. This will protect your skin from any sun damage. 

  • Don’t touch you face and clean your cell phones

Touching your face will only pass bacteria on your fingers to you face, which will only cause acne. The same applies to your cell phone that needs regular cleaning in order to stop the bacteria on the phone going onto your face. 

  • Stay hydrated it will keep the skin clear
  • Don’t use makeup that clogs your pores.
    Purchase non-comedogenic makeup. This means that the makeup you apply will not block your pores and cause acne. 

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