Fall skin


Do you ever wonder how to best look after your skin in the fall. Our skin during this time need a lot of care. As the cold environment sucks out all the moisture out of the skin. So it’s best to use certain products that can help to maintain the moisture in the skin. 

Gentle cleansers:

It is best to use a gentle cleanser on the skin to ensure the skin remains hydrated. This is best during this time as it will not over strip the oils from the skin. Also best to avoid using cleansers that have glycolic or salicylic acid. 

Use a hydrating serum:

A hydrating serum helps to restore the moisture that is lost from the cold environment. If you need more moisture in the skin then look for a hydrating serum that has hyaluronic  acid. 

Use a moisturizer 

Use a thick moisturizer will help to replenish the lost moister from the skin.  Those with oily skin should use light weight moisturizer. Whereas, those with dry skin should use thick moisturizer especially during the fall.


Applying sunscreen is important even during the fall. Despite there is not much sun. But your skin is still exposed to the rays from the sun, such as UVA or UVB. So it’s important to wear sunscreen to avoid sun damage and the risk of developing skin cancers. 

lip balm:

Lip balm is key during fall as often we experience dry and cracked. So applying a good lip balm is key in preventing this. While keeping your lips hydrated throughout fall.

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