Eyes, say Goodbye to those Dark Circles and puffiness!

532414DA-EF2D-4DBB-8878-C2F5788600D2Fall is now upon us, it is the times we say goodbye Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes. I can reveal tips we can all try this fall.



Tip 1: Ensure we all get a good amount of sleep. 

Less sleep shows on the face and eyes. Therefore, we need at least  7 hours of sleep every night.

How can we do this ?

  • Go to bed early to get 7 hours of sleep every night.
  • Go to bed at least 30 minutes to an hour before your expected to sleep. Therefore,  your mind and body begins to get ready for sleep. 
  • Switch off or put away any disturbance such as, cell phones, tablets and iPads. Light from these devices disrupts sleep. 
  • Sleep in a clean and peaceful environment. 
  • Wherever possible take 15 -20 mins power naps. Apply a hydrating mask to the face. Thus, ensuring  you get the full benefit out of those power naps. 


Tip 2: De-puff your eyes 

Often with our busy lives it is difficult to get those vital hours of sleep. Therefore, puffiness in the eyes begins to appear.

Why is sleep so vital to reduce puffy eyes?

Sleep is key to reenergise our body at a cellular level. This happens at the most deepest of stage of our sleep. When sleep is disturbed, this results in the body to release cortisol. This changes the salt level in the body. Thus, resulting in extra water retention, resulting in puffy eyes the very next day.

How can I reduce puffy eyes?

  • A cooling compress, such as cucumber to the eyes or tea bags to the eyes help.
  • An eye cream designed for puffy eyes.
  • Use a concealer to conceal those eye bags lines.

Tip 3: Goodbye to those panda eyes!

Our eyes need care, apply a hydrating eye cream for dark circles. Thus,  helping to  brighten the area giving you a brighter and less tired look. Sleep again is vital for getting rid of those dark circles.

Tip 4: Get a express eye treatment to de-puff those puffy eyes.

facialAt Saints European, we have an exclusive eye treatment specifically designed to reduce puffy eyes. In as little as 1 treatment alone, you can see the difference. Therefore,  with continues treatments you can ultimately make those puffy eyes disappear.

For bookings, please call our friendly team today on (828) 586 – 6172!

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