Do and Dont’s of SPF

906604D2-7F96-4C71-890A-C862C24AE3DASince, warmer months are approaching, it is important to know how to use SPF properly in order for the skin to be protected. It is important to use sunscreen all year round and not just in the summer time.

DO’s and DON’T

  • Use at least SPF 30 in order to protect your skin. Yet, a higher SPF like SPF 50 protects your skin better. You do get SPF in makeup, but that is not sufficient in protecting the skin.
  • Still use SPF, even if you use retinol or vitamin C. As using such products only make the skin more sensitive. So, it is best to use to use sunscreen.
  • Apply at least spoonful of sunscreen to your face. This ensures that your skin is fully protected. The less you apply the less your skin is protected and more likely to experience sun damage.
  • Do not use expired sunscreen. Using expired sunscreen equals to applying no sunscreen at all. Also, it increase the chance of your skin to burn.
  • Don’t apply SPF once’s a day. Sunscreen needs to be reapplied every few hours and applying only once a day will not protect your skin sufficiently. So best to reapply sunscreen to get the protection you need.

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