DIY ingredients bad for you?

7FF8A7C9-887B-44DA-AC3E-58E174D4CFA1We hear about these DIY hacks and how it can help us. However, we don’t realise that these hacks are not good for the skin. This includes ingredients such as, egg whites, lemon or lime juice, cinnamon and apple cider vinegar.Thus, it is important to understand how these ingredient affect the skin.

1. Lemon juice or lime juice

In beauty hacks video they use lemon juice to clear the acne and to lighten the hyperpigmentation.  When first applied you will experience a slight sting and exfoliation. However, lemon juice causes second degree burns and when exposed to the sun can cause blistering. Therefore, it is not be a wise decision of use lemon juice on the face. Therefore, instead it is best to consult a skincare specialist to solve acne and hyperpigmentation issues.

2. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is used as culinary ingredient and now are used in DIY face masks. But is this actually good for you? When applied to the skin it is normal to experience tingly sensation. On the other hand, it has been reported that people using cinnamon on the face has caused has burns. Even though cinnamon is known for its antimicrobial and wound healing properties. Some may also develop skin allergies to cinnamon. Therefore, it is best to have facials and masks done by a professional.

3. Egg whites DIY

 Egg whites are used in our breakfast. This is one of the ingredient been used in DIY face masks. People claim that egg whites help to tighten the pores and smooths the skin. When you apply this to the skin you will feel the tightening effect until it’s washed off. On the other hand, eggs whites can be contaminated with salmonella. So by placing it close to the mouth you can get gastrointestinal infection. As well as it can be dangerous when applied to open wounds. Thus, it is best not to use egg whites as part of your DIY skincare routine.

4. Apple cider vinegar DIY

Apple cider vinegar is used as a DIY for curing acne, blemish, remove moles and age spots. When applied to skin causes stinging and a strong smell. Using Apple cider vinegar undiluted long term can cause your face to corrode, due to high acidic levels. There is a risk of the skin becoming burnt when applying to acne sores. When Apple cider vinegar can gets into your eyes. This causes inflammation and cornea burn. Thus, it is best not to use this to treat skin conditions.

It is best to leave your skincare needs and conditions to a skin specialist, who knows how to best treat your skin best. At Saints European, we are qualified in treating all skin conditions and for regular upkeeps of your skin. To find out more, call our friendly team today on (828) 586 – 6172!

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