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What is Define Facial Remodeling?

Define Facial Remodeling is the newest and the latest technology that uses RF Bi polar energy and is a game changer for non invasive Face Lift. It aims to improve overall appearance of the face, reducing jowls, double chin, turkey neck, slimming of the face and lifting the skin as well as reducing signs of aging and creating a more balanced and youthful look.
DFR7DFR6DFR5It uses modalities such as skin tightening, face remodeling and if combined with Morpheus8 which also uses Radio Frequency to promote skin rejuvenation, tightening and resurfacing. The micro needles create tiny punctures in the skin, while the RF energy stimulates collagen production, resulting in a smoother, firmer and younger looking skin.


Is there any Downtime?

There is no down time only tightening.

How many Treatments is needed?

The number of treatments needed for the Define Facial Remodeling is usually between 6 to 8 treatments, spaced out every 1-2 weeks apart. If combined with Morpheus8, it is spaced every 6 to 8 weeks apart. But, the Define will be carried out in between
Morpheus8 treatments.

Discover Define Facial Remodeling:

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