Dead Sea mud mask, any good?

What is Dead Sea mud mask?

AB554140-865B-4061-BFD1-1B457BA75313Dead Sea mud mask comes from the salt water lakes in the Middle East areas like Israel and Jordan. These areas of the country have low water levels,that are rich in minerals, such as potassium, magnesium and sodium. These potent minerals have many beneficial properties to the skin and  overall health.

Over the years, people have used Dead Sea mud mask to treat health conditions, such as helping with psoriasis to back pain. On the other hand, research has showed that it can help to reduce inflammation and pain. Therefore, Dead Sea mud can help to relieve wide range of health conditions.

What are the benefits of this mask?

Helps to treat psoriasis

Dead Sea mud mask helps to prevent the psoriasis flare ups. The high level of salt content in the mud mask helps to treat psoriasis and inflammation. Thus, good for those who have this skin condition.

Helps to eliminate skin impurities

For people with dry skin, this mask can help to remove impurities and dead skin from your face and body. The content of salt and magnesium helps keep the skin healthier by encouraging the skin to maintain its healthy barrier. Thus, it is important to carryout in order to maintain your overall skins health.

Provides relief for arthritis

In past studies, have shown that placing heated mud packs on areas where there is arthritis provides people with relief. For instance, doing this mud pack once a day fo two weeks have shown significant improvement in their symptoms and reduces inflammation. Thus being beneficial for those with inflammatory, rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis.

Helps to relieve back pain

In recent studies have shown that people with back pain who do Dead Sea mud mask compresses for 5 times a week for 3 weeks have shown improvement to their lower back pain.  However, there is a need for further research on a larger population size to prove its effectiveness in helping those with lower back pain. Thus, can be used as an alternative therapy that requires further research.

Treats acne and inflammation

Since this mud mask has been proven to have anti microbial properties on the skin. This can help those people who suffer from acne. As often acne is causes by a over build up of bacteria on the skin. This mask can help to reduce the outbreaks of acne when used regularly by detoxifying the skin from impurities and bacteria. Thus, being beneficial for those who are prone to acne by reducing outbreak of acne.

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