Counterfeit, how to avoid?

When it comes to skincare we have the original and the counterfeit, which looks like the original from outside but not from inside. These products are never the same despite being at a fraction of the price. Instead, it contains harmful ingredients. Therefore, they would do more damage to your skin than you think.

The truth about counterfeit:

Counterfeit products are distributed around the world but with secrecy. The FDA does not approve these products. They are hard to control when they are distrusted amount largest online retailers. As they imitate the packaging of the product well, it is hard to identify if it is counterfeit. The best advice is when buying beauty products or skincare, it is best to purchase from the actual retailer direct. Thus, it’s is best to buy products from trusted retailers.

The reason to why counterfeit products are not approved by the FDA, is due to the way it’s made and the ingredients. For instance, counterfeit products can contains rat feces, arsenic, lead, mercury and are made in poor sanitary conditions. This explains why it is not approved as it does not have our health interest at heart. Thus, being disapproved by FDA.

How to avoid buying counterfeit products

  • Buy from authorized sellers. For instance authorized retailers or authorized skincare clinic. This way you are certain that you are getting genuine product that is safe for you and your skin.
  • When you notice of an offer that is too good to be true form a retailer, then it is. As more the products are counterfeit, which explains the price. It is best to look at deals that offer free shipping or first time customer discounts or email sign up discount. Thus, there are other ways you can get savings with your purchase.

Points to remember:

Counterfeit beauty products might be cheap, but they are made with expired, harmful and dangerous ingredients that is not good for you. These fake goods are not the same as the original. Therefore, only original should be purchased.

At Saints European, we only have genuine products and are authorized retailers for genuine skincare and beauty products.

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