Grande Lash Grower

An Award Winning Lash Grower that has a blend of Vitamins, Peptides, Amino Acids and Conditioning Ingredients. This exclusive formula is made in Italy, which helps repair, thicken, and make lashes longer, giving dramatic look. This improvement can notice in as little as 6 weeks GUARANTEED.

What happens after you have reached desired result?

Lash Grower Serum is like liquid liner that’s comes with a brush, recommended to be used nightly. A 2.0ml Serum will last 3 months and once you achieve desired results, maintenance is only 2-3 times a week.

How long does the effect last?

As long as you keep on with the maintenance. The results of the lashes will continue to look dramatic.


Lash Growing Primer

The Lash Boosting Primer with nutrients,  is rich in mini fibers to boost the natural appearance of your lashes.

Lash Growing Mascara

A Lash Growing volumizing Mascara that has peptides to Lift the lashes, giving you the flirtatious look of bold, curved, clump free and flake free lashes.

Lash Growing Brow Fill

A Brow Fill with color and hair fibers that has peptides to grow brows giving a full sculpted brows.

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