Cool peel – Revolutionary chemical peel

Winter now approaches us, the skin becomes dehydrated and dry. The skin needs care and attention during this festive season. Why not try the cool peel, which is the new revolution to chemical peels.  Standard chemical peels tend to irritate the skin and be invasive. Whereas, with the cool peel, it is more gentle and cooler on the skin than normal chemical peels. 

How does cool peel work? 

facialThe peel is applied to freshly cleansed skin. When applied it does not feel hot or any burning sensation, like normal peels. Instead, cool peel gives you a more pleasant sensation. Therefore, being less invasive and more pleasant on the skin.


cem-peelsCool peel works by decongesting the skin by removing dead skin cell build up. This removes skin build up and reveals a more smoother, hydrated skin. Cool peels improves the texture of the skin, while at the same time boosts the collagen production in the skin. Therefore, giving you a more tighter and a youthful skin.

How can cool peel help me?

  • Helps to treat acne. 
  • Treats fine line and wrinkles. 
  • People with Rosacea. 
  • Can treat sun-damaged and rough skin, revealing a more smoother, softer skin.

How long does the treatment take?

The treatment will only take an hour, so perfect to incorporate in your busy lifestyle.

How does cool peel feel after the treatment?

Often people experience no discomfort at all. However, it is normal to experience slight tingly sensation and warmth on the face during the treatment. After the treatment you may feel the skin being tight and warm. Therefore, cool peel being more pleasant on the skin, than usual peels.

What should I avoid and precautions should I take after the treatment?

  • Avoid swimming.
  • Avoid sun beds or sun exposure.
  • Keep the skin well moisturized, preferably twice a day.
  • Avoid exercise for 24 hours.
  • Use SPF 50 Broad Spectrum.
  • Avoid Alpha Hydroxyl Acid skincare products.
  • Use prescribed skin regime as advised by your skin specialist. 
  • Avoid facial wax and electrolysis 10 days before and after the peel.

How many treatments would I need?

It is recommended that a course of 6 treatments are needed, spaces between 6 – 8 weeks apart. non-invasive

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