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74CABEF7-297E-4850-9B98-D3B6965B18BFSkin is one of largest organs in our body, it is important that we take care of it. Taking care of the skin helps to keep our complexion clear from pollutants and free radical damage. The best way is to follow these tips below to get clearer skin.

1. Use a cleansing brush to wash face

Cleansing brush helps to remove any dirt and any bacteria from the face. As well as helps to remove any dead skin cells. It is important that when using this kind of device, is that you use it gently on the skin. As adding to much pressure will cause the capillaries in the skin to break resulting in the skin looking red. Thus, using cleansing brush helps to keep the skin soft and smooth.

2. Don’t use bar soap or any kind of face wash

Washing you face with bar soap or any type of face wash does not help you skin. Bar soap holds a lot of bacteria, so by using this on your face you are more likely to invite acne and other skin problems. Also some face washes over strip the skin from oils, leading to over production of sebum. Thus,  causing acne to appear and over drying out the skin.

3. Ensure you use a toner

Using a toner is a great step to add to your skincare routine. If you have dry skin it is best to use a gentle toner that don’t  strip too much oils from the skin. Whereas, if you have acne prone skin it is best to use toners that contain glycolic or salicylic acid. These kind of toners help to clear the skin from bacteria and remove dead skin cells. Thus, using a toner is beneficial for the skin.

4. Don’t pick at your acne

Picking your acne is tempting as it can be is bad for your skin. It not only causes scaring, but also allows the bacteria in the acne to go deeper in the skin. Thus, causing the skin to become more inflamed.

5. Using retinoids

Using retinoids help to remove dead skin cells from the face and encourage cell renewal. Retinoids help to clear acne and prevent the pores from becoming clogged. However, it is best to use retinoids at night as it is not recommended during the day due to the sun exposure. A pea size is enough to use at night which will also help with preventing fine lines and wrinkles. Thus, retinoids have many benefits towards the skin.

6. Use sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen helps to protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays from the sun. This helps to keep the skin free from any sun damage and hyperpigmentation. It is recommended to use a high broad spectrum SPF, containing zinc and titanium. These are the best in blocking the rays from the sun damaging your skin. Thus, maintaining your clear skin.


7. Keep you phone clean

Keeping your phone dirty only harbours bacteria which is then transferred onto the face. Best is to clean the phone to avoid getting breakouts due the bacteria.

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