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Myths about sunscreen

We are all aware about the importance of using sunscreen. We know that sunscreen helps to protect our skin from UVA and UVB rays. It is important to be aware of which type of sunscreen is best for you. This may include physical or chemical sunscreen. However there are myths about sunscreen that we often […]

Maskne acne what is it?

During this COVID out break has caused us all to wear a face mask in order to protect ourselves from this virus. Even though we have been protected by wearing masks, but it has caused us with some facial problems. For instance, wearing masks for prolong period has resulted us in getting acne in the […]

Keratosis Pilaris what is it?

Keratosis Pilaris is a skin condition that people often ignore as the dont often notice it. Also some may be confused that it is acne. Instead it a condition that causes tiny bumps on the skin that does not cause any itchiness. Often we don’t know what this. Thus, it is a condition that is […]

Blue light therapy benefits?

What is blue light therapy? Blue light therapy is often a popular choice for treating acne. Also it has been used for many years to prevent skin cancer. Blue light therapy uses blue light at a particular wavelength to target certain areas in the skin. This light then penetrates into the skins, passing through the […]

Ingredients good to treat acne?

Have you ever wonder which ingredients in acne products help to treat your acne? The answer is probably no. As we don’t often take time in looking at the ingredients label on products, but this is a vital step we should do. There are two ingredients we need to look out to see if a […]

Improve your skin for the better

We look at our skin in the mirror daily and are not happy with the way the skin looks. Do you want to improve the way your skin looks?. It’s is best to understand the skin to know how we can make changes. As we all know that the skin is the largest organ in […]

Niacinamide good for your skin?

We often heard about this ingredient in many skincare products. As many companies right now have incorporated niacinamide to products. We need to first understand what this special ingredient is. Niacinamide comes from a B3 vitamin, which has been proven to give you smooth and calm skin. Therefore, help you achieve smooth and youthful skin. […]

Vitamin C serums 7 facts

We all are aware that vitamin C is good for the skin. But we don’t know much about it and how it’s helps us. Vitamin C is an potent ingredient in skincare that repairs and protects the skin. We have to ensure that vitamin C is used and packed correctly otherwise it would be ineffective. […]

Stress impact on your skin

In our lives we all have experienced episode of stress. Some of us it’s only during at certain times and for others it is a long term. The severity experienced varies throughout our lives. Most of us do experience stress associated with our work lives, home duties and when needing to payoff debts. However, do […]

Myths about your oily skin

Skin is one of the largest organ that surrounds our body. There are many types of skin type we have on our face. We can have a variety of skin types such as dry, combination of dry and oily or even oily skin. The most problematic skin type people face is those with oily skin. […]