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celebrity-browHave you always wanted great brows and lashes?. If so then we have the answer for you. Brows and lashes require special attention, and in this blog you will find out. We end up seeing that our lashes and brows are not as full as we like. It is normal for hairs to fall out from our lashes and brows from time to time. As often new hairs are being replaced. However, certain practices that we do make more of those lashes fall. Below are tips, that we all can try in order to keep our lashes and brows looking lush.

  1. Say no to waterproof makeup – Any thing that is waterproof is no good for your hairs. As it is hard to remove and so there is more rubbing involved leading to more hair lash and brow fall. Best to stick with those non waterproof makeup as you will not need to rub your lash or brows to remove the makeup.
  2. Sleeping with makeup on – we all know that sleeping with makeup on is bad for our skin. But, did you know that it is not good for our hairs too. When you leave the makeup on it causes the root of the hair to become clogged. Also when it rubs with the pillow there is more chance of it to stick to it and cause you to loose brow hairs and eye lashes.
  3. Curling lashes – we love our lashes to have curve and lift. Using curlers on your lashes only add pressure and force. This causes the lashes to fall out, especially when you use it with mascara. The best way to use a curler is to use without mascara and not to close to the lash line.
  4. Lash extensions – we all love eye lash extensions as it makes our lashes look full. However, have you wondered the harms it can do?. Last extension’s add weight to your existing lashes, causing the hair to fall out. This overtime will make your lashes to look empty.

If your looking for a great product, to keep your lash or brows thicker and fuller, then Saints European have something for you.

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