Blue light therapy benefits?

What is blue light therapy?

DF2D3EAE-23C8-4F9B-82F0-1000C92BF06CBlue light therapy is often a popular choice for treating acne. Also it has been used for many years to prevent skin cancer. Blue light therapy uses blue light at a particular wavelength to target certain areas in the skin. This light then penetrates into the skins, passing through the pores and follicle hair to reach the acne and discolouration. Often blue light therapy is combined with red light therapy. Thus, blue light therapy often being a combination of LED therapy.

Can this therapy help to treat acne?

As we know that blue light therapy can help to treat acne as it focuses on the surface of the skin. Whereas red light therapy focuses deeper into the skin.

How does it work?

  • works by killing the bacteria around the sebaceous gland.
  • Works by making the sebaceous gland to produce less oil.

There these combined help to prevent acne, as less oil being produces prevent acne from feeding on the bacteria that feeds of this oil. As the light kills the DNA of the acne causing bacteria. With regular treatment carried out can help to reduce acne. Thus, being a great acne prevention treatment and less acne scarring in the long run.

Can it help to treat psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a skin condition whereby the skin goes into overdrive cause the skin cells being reproduced at a high rate. There is no cure for psoriasis but people often find that when in the sun can help the condition. However, it is not good for the skin as it increase your chance of skin cancer. Instead blue light therapy can be a great choice as an alternative. Thus, suitable for those with psoriasis.

Is there any side effects?

  • People on Accutane should not get blue light therapy.
  • Those with lupus or porphyria should not have led treatments done.
  • If you don’t have any of the above conditions than blue light therapy would be safe for you. It is best to always check with your skin care professional to finalize if this therapy is safe for you.

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