Malassezia folliculitis

Malassezia folliculitis is an infection of the Pilosebaceous unit caused by the Malassezia yeast. We all have Malassezia yeast on our skin surface and this causes certain diseases under certain conditions. Yeast that occurs naturally gets into the hair follicles of your skin and it causes a breakout, which in turn erupts. Subsequently, Malassezia has […]

Mercury in skincare

We often find skin lighting or anti ageing products for sale in beauty stores. But we don’t know exactly what’s within it. As often skin lighting products have mercury within that can be harmful to you. This is reason why it is important that you buy skin lightening products or anti ageing products from licensed […]

Sleep for your skin

Sleep is essential for our everyday life operations. It help to provide us with energy we need through the day. But did you know it is essential for your skin health. As it gives the skin time to repair and rebuild itself. As during the day the skin on your face are exposed to pollution, germs, […]

Toner for dry skin?

We often are faced with dry skin during certain time of the year. Whereas, others have a constant dry skin through tout the year. It is difficult for these individuals to use a toner on their skin. As often a toner dry the skin out and so they just avoid them all together. However, all […]

Elastiderm Eye cream?

Elastiderm Eye cream is made by Obagi medical. This cream is suitable for the most thin and sensitive area around the eye. This cream helps to improve any signs of ageing such as wrinkles that is caused from daily stressors or from natural ageing. Nevertheless, it is important that we show care to this region […]

Tretinoin – What is it?

Tretinoin is a topical cream that is used on the skin to treat various of issue such as, wrinkles, skin damage and acne. It is made up of a synthetic version of vitamin A, which is more stronger than retinol.This requires a prescription due to it greater strength. What is the difference between tretinoin and […]

Myths about sunscreen

We are all aware about the importance of using sunscreen. We know that sunscreen helps to protect our skin from UVA and UVB rays. It is important to be aware of which type of sunscreen is best for you. This may include physical or chemical sunscreen. However there are myths about sunscreen that we often […]

Maskne acne what is it?

During this COVID out break has caused us all to wear a face mask in order to protect ourselves from this virus. Even though we have been protected by wearing masks, but it has caused us with some facial problems. For instance, wearing masks for prolong period has resulted us in getting acne in the […]

Keratosis Pilaris what is it?

Keratosis Pilaris is a skin condition that people often ignore as the dont often notice it. Also some may be confused that it is acne. Instead it a condition that causes tiny bumps on the skin that does not cause any itchiness. Often we don’t know what this. Thus, it is a condition that is […]

Blue light therapy benefits?

What is blue light therapy? Blue light therapy is often a popular choice for treating acne. Also it has been used for many years to prevent skin cancer. Blue light therapy uses blue light at a particular wavelength to target certain areas in the skin. This light then penetrates into the skins, passing through the […]

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