Bumps around the eyes

  We tend to see bumps around the eyes and have no idea what to do. In order to understand what needs to be done, we need to understand what causes these bumps and wrinkles around the eyes. What causes bumps and wrinkles around the eyes? We know that the eye area is delicate and […]

Dry vs dehydrated skin

We tend to think, dry and dehydrated skin are the same. But they are both different. We all know how dry, red and irritated patch of skin feels like. What is dry skin? Dry skin is a very common skin condition. There are many causes of dry skin, such as environmental or lifestyle factors. Other […]

How to regrow lashes

Lashes is what helps to frame the eyes, and makes our eyes look more open. Often we don’t realise what causes our lashes to fall. There are certain reasons to why this can happen. One of the reason to applying false lashes or carrying out last extensions. This is what makes the root of the […]

Do and Dont’s of SPF

Since, warmer months are approaching, it is important to know how to use SPF properly in order for the skin to be protected. It is important to use sunscreen all year round and not just in the summer time. DO’s and DON’T Use at least SPF 30 in order to protect your skin. Yet, a […]

20’s Skincare

We all know how important is it to carry out daily skincare. But, often we realise the importance later on in life when your in your 30’or 40’s. However, starting in your 20’s can help you to keep your skin younger for longer. The good news is that if one start looking after the skin […]

Blackheads – what to do?

We all have these black pores that we notice on our skin. Often, we find this in certain areas like on our noise or chin area. We often wonder what we can do to remove it. You probably remember using nose strips in order to remove the blackhead. But, it has not worked so well. […]

Sunscreen for colored skin tone

We need to wear, sunscreen on a daily basis. But, we need  to choose the right sunscreen, for our skin stone. This is where often sunscreen look, chalky or white on coloured skin. This is often, due to the way it has been formulated. Nevertheless, it is important for colour women to wear sunscreen. As […]

Preventative skincare

We all want to look after our skin and protect it from damage. But, we don’t know what to do entirely. We know the basic of using sunscreen. Although, this is just not enough when wanting to prevent all types of skin damage. Here in this blog we will highlight the main products you will […]

Wrinkle serums work?

We all know that part of ageing comes with fine lines and wrinkles. It is a process that we can hardly avoid.  We often ask ourselves an important question to whether these wrinkle serums work. What are the causes of wrinkles? Fine lines and wrinkles are caused by uv rays, pollution and having certain lifestyle […]

Winter Skin

We all know that winter is harsh and that it can make the skin dry. But, we can do things to protect the your skin from drying out this winter. This is by changing your skincare routine to be more gentle on the skin. For instance, it is best to use a foaming or a […]

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