Preventative skincare

We all want to look after our skin and protect it from damage. But, we don’t know what to do entirely. We know the basic of using sunscreen. Although, this is just not enough when wanting to prevent all types of skin damage. Here in this blog we will highlight the main products you will […]

Wrinkle serums work?

We all know that part of ageing comes with fine lines and wrinkles. It is a process that we can hardly avoid.  We often ask ourselves an important question to whether these wrinkle serums work. What are the causes of wrinkles? Fine lines and wrinkles are caused by uv rays, pollution and having certain lifestyle […]

Winter Skin

We all know that winter is harsh and that it can make the skin dry. But, we can do things to protect the your skin from drying out this winter. This is by changing your skincare routine to be more gentle on the skin. For instance, it is best to use a foaming or a […]

Skip the false lashes, grow your own

We all like to have those luscious and long lashes. But, at what expense. We normally opt for having false lashes or lash extension being put in in order to give us that look. However, we dont know the damage it can do over time leaving your with sparse eyebrows.  What do false lashes and […]

Should I be using retinol?

We tend to hear a mixed review on whether using retinol on your skin is a good or a bad thing. This is due to the rumours we hear. However, even dermatologist have outlined that there is great benefit in using retinol. This is where retinol can be used to treat variety of skin complaints, […]

Acne, the different types

We  all suffer from acne at different points of our lives. But, do we know that there are different types of acne. The answer is no.  Well, it is important to understand what causes acne and the difference types. So that you can identify what type you have and sort the right treatment for your […]

Brows and lashes

Have you always wanted great brows and lashes?. If so then we have the answer for you. Brows and lashes require special attention, and in this blog you will find out. We end up seeing that our lashes and brows are not as full as we like. It is normal for hairs to fall out […]

Benefits of vitamin C

Vitamin C is a potent ingredient that is used in skincare. It helps to brightens the skin and even out skin complexion. It is important that you use the right vitamin C that you have purchased from a reputable skincare specialist. As that way you can ensure that your skin soaked up the most antioxidants. […]

Repair skin barrier

Our skin has its own barrier. We need to make sure it is well looked after. However, at times things we do or use can disturb our natural barrier causing skin problems, such as rosacea, dry, scaly and discolored patches. What is the skin barrier? We know our skin is made up of many layers. […]

Do’s and Dont’s to sunscreen.

As the months get warmer it is important to wear sunscreen. This is where a high SPF is needed to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. As UV rays from the sun are powerful and so damage can go through the skin. Everyone needs to use SPF, but in order to […]