Mushrooms good for your skin?

Mushroom are part of our lives. It has known to have health benefits and be great for the skin. The most popular mushroom is reishi, which is used for centuries as a supplement and for skincare. Chinese medicine uses mushrooms to restore the vitality, boost ones immunity and reduce skin inflammation. Thus, there are many benefits of […]

Ageing eyes, What can I do?

We often look at ourselves in the mirror and notice that our eye area is looking aged and wonder what are we doing wrong. This sign of aging occur due to our daily habits. For instance, smiling and years of squinting. Other ways we get these lines is due to genetics, gravity and stress plays […]

Want clearer skin?

It is hard during our busy lifestyles to keep our skin healthy. However, there are few tips we can do during our busy days to get clearer skin. Follow the tips below will help you to make that move to healthier skin.     1. Wash your face twice in a day The lack of […]

Exfoliation – why it is important?

During this time of year it is important to exfoliate the skin. As the skin over time becomes dull. However, by exfoliating the skin it can help to revive the skin. Exfoliation helps to improve the skins texture and tone by giving  you the youthful glowing skin you’ve always wanted. Thus, it is important to […]

Is turmeric good for the skin?

The ancient spice of turmeric has been around for centuries. This spice is used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine too. Whereas, it is most commonly used in Indian culinary. However, turmeric is known to have healing properties and cosmetic benefits. For instance, this spice has anti- inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Thus, having beneficial healing properties. […]

Lack of sleep affect your skin?

Often with the stressors of life we tend not to sleep for 7 – 8 hours as required. This lack of sleep over time affects our health and skin. As quite a lot of people have sleeping disorders, such as sleep apnea and insomnia. On the other hand, people tend to sleep less due to […]

Acne – how can I treat it?

Every individual has experienced acne at some point in their life. Some are still experiencing this in their adulthood years. This kind of acne is different to the type experience during teen years. As in adulthood it is more persistent and less aggressive. Thus, it is important to understand the type you have and how […]

Eye cream, how to apply?

The eye area is one of the most delicate areas of the face, and need special care. It is important to be gentle and avoid any hard rubbing. This causes wrinkles and fine lines. Thus, the eyes is the first place we tend to notice the signs of ageing, so it’s important to know how […]

pH scale of skin, what is it?

We often hear from time to time about pH levels. Whether that is about our body or skin and that the pH should be balanced or neutral. But is that the same for our skin. This is a numerical scale of 0 to 14, that measures how acidic, neutral or alkaline something is. Our skin […]

Is Argan oil worth the hype ?

Argan oil is taken by a storm by the beauty industry today, with every products claiming to have this potent ingredient. The question is argan oil good for the skin and hair?. This oil nourishes and smoothes the hair and the skin. Argan oil comes from nuts from the argan tree in Morocco. Traditionally, this […]