Eye cream, how to apply?

The eye area is one of the most delicate areas of the face, and need special care. It is important to be gentle and avoid any hard rubbing. This causes wrinkles and fine lines. Thus, the eyes is the first place we tend to notice the signs of ageing, so it’s important to know how […]

pH scale of skin, what is it?

We often hear from time to time about pH levels. Whether that is about our body or skin and that the pH should be balanced or neutral. But is that the same for our skin. This is a numerical scale of 0 to 14, that measures how acidic, neutral or alkaline something is. Our skin […]

Is Argan oil worth the hype ?

Argan oil is taken by a storm by the beauty industry today, with every products claiming to have this potent ingredient. The question is argan oil good for the skin and hair?. This oil nourishes and smoothes the hair and the skin. Argan oil comes from nuts from the argan tree in Morocco. Traditionally, this […]

Can I be Allergic to makeup?

We all use makeup on a daily basis to cover our flaws and to give us a more smooth and even complexion. Have we every thought about the ingredients in these products we use on our faces. From foundation to blusher we apply on our skins can cause an allergic reaction. Often at times we […]

Sunscreen mistakes we all make

During the summer months, we all know the importance of using sunscreen. However, are we using the sunscreen correctly?. Incorrectly applying sunscreen means you are not getting sun protection from the sun. Therefore, are more likely to get UVA and UVB damage from the sun. How can I effectively protect my skin in the sun […]

Capillaries- what are these red veins?

We look at ourselves daily in the mirror and see these red vessels on the face. We then wonder what these red vessels are. These red vessels are known as broken capillaries that look like red spiders and splotch veins on the face and other areas. It can be irritating at times and wish it would […]

Makeup and Sensitive Skin

Since the use of makeup has grown over the years with every women applying some sort of make up to their faces. This has becomes the norm of our society today. But we forget that not all women apply can apply makeup. Some with sensitive skin tend to avoid the use of makeup, as their […]

What is Lymphatic Facial?

Lymphatic drainage facial is a very popular facial among celebrities and many others.Since this facial promotes glowing skin from within, by encouraging blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. This facial uses circular motions that goes beyond the normal facials to release toxins. These circular motions promote the body to detox through the lymphatic system. Therefore, lymphatic […]

Is it beneficial to use Vitamin C Serum?

Over the years Vitamin C is used by many individuals in their daily skincare routine. We often hear that Vitamin C is good for our health. However, it is beneficial for the skin too. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that gives the skin it’s youthful glow. High potent Vitamin C serum is effective in brightening […]

Skin texture, why do I have these bumps on my skin?

We often look at our face in the mirror. At times we notice that we have textured skin, which looks like little bumps. When we apply makeup these issue become more prominent. Therefore, texture skin preventing you from achieving smooth application of makeup and smooth skin. What causes textured and rough skin? Skin is one […]