Winter Skincare

We often worry about our skin when it reaches winter. As often we find our skin to be more dry and have little moisture. There are ways in which we can ensure we keep our skin this winter youthful and hydrated. Apply sunscreen: It is important to apply sunscreen even though there is not much […]

Fall skin

Do you ever wonder how to best look after your skin in the fall. Our skin during this time need a lot of care. As the cold environment sucks out all the moisture out of the skin. So it’s best to use certain products that can help to maintain the moisture in the skin.  Gentle […]

What skin type do I have?

We all have different types of skin. But how do we know what type we may have. It is best to know ant type you have so you know how to care for your skin well.  Normal skin: People who have this type of skin are quite lucky. As they don’t experience any acne. Also […]

Thin hair troubles

Do you have thin hair troubles as it it bothering you. If you we shall be highlighting tips to in order to deal with thin hair and hair loss. As hair loss is one of reason why you may be noticing you hair has become thin. Also at times thin hair comes about when there […]

Ways to burn fats?

We all fats in our body that we wish we could burn off. But do we know what causes these fats to hold to certain areas of our body. This is where certain factor can cause us to store fat. For instance, having a lack of sleep, not staying hydrated and stress. However, there ways […]

Malassezia folliculitis

Malassezia folliculitis is an infection of the Pilosebaceous unit caused by the Malassezia yeast. We all have Malassezia yeast on our skin surface and this causes certain diseases under certain conditions. Yeast that occurs naturally gets into the hair follicles of your skin and it causes a breakout, which in turn erupts. Subsequently, Malassezia has […]

Mercury in skincare

We often find skin lighting or anti ageing products for sale in beauty stores. But we don’t know exactly what’s within it. As often skin lighting products have mercury within that can be harmful to you. This is reason why it is important that you buy skin lightening products or anti ageing products from licensed […]

Sleep for your skin

Sleep is essential for our everyday life operations. It help to provide us with energy we need through the day. But did you know it is essential for your skin health. As it gives the skin time to repair and rebuild itself. As during the day the skin on your face are exposed to pollution, germs, […]

Toner for dry skin?

We often are faced with dry skin during certain time of the year. Whereas, others have a constant dry skin through tout the year. It is difficult for these individuals to use a toner on their skin. As often a toner dry the skin out and so they just avoid them all together. However, all […]

Elastiderm Eye cream?

Elastiderm Eye cream is made by Obagi medical. This cream is suitable for the most thin and sensitive area around the eye. This cream helps to improve any signs of ageing such as wrinkles that is caused from daily stressors or from natural ageing. Nevertheless, it is important that we show care to this region […]