Sunscreen mistakes we all make

During the summer months, we all know the importance of using sunscreen. However, are we using the sunscreen correctly?. Incorrectly applying sunscreen means you are not getting sun protection from the sun. Therefore, are more likely to get UVA and UVB damage from the sun. How can I effectively protect my skin in the sun […]

Capillaries- what are these red veins?

We look at ourselves daily in the mirror and see these red vessels on the face. We then wonder what these red vessels are. These red vessels are known as broken capillaries that look like red spiders and splotch veins on the face and other areas. It can be irritating at times and wish it would […]

Makeup and Sensitive Skin

Since the use of makeup has grown over the years with every women applying some sort of make up to their faces. This has becomes the norm of our society today. But we forget that not all women apply can apply makeup. Some with sensitive skin tend to avoid the use of makeup, as their […]

What is Lymphatic Facial?

Lymphatic drainage facial is a very popular facial among celebrities and many others.Since this facial promotes glowing skin from within, by encouraging blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. This facial uses circular motions that goes beyond the normal facials to release toxins. These circular motions promote the body to detox through the lymphatic system. Therefore, lymphatic […]

Is it beneficial to use Vitamin C Serum?

Over the years Vitamin C is used by many individuals in their daily skincare routine. We often hear that Vitamin C is good for our health. However, it is beneficial for the skin too. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that gives the skin it’s youthful glow. High potent Vitamin C serum is effective in brightening […]

Skin texture, why do I have these bumps on my skin?

We often look at our face in the mirror. At times we notice that we have textured skin, which looks like little bumps. When we apply makeup these issue become more prominent. Therefore, texture skin preventing you from achieving smooth application of makeup and smooth skin. What causes textured and rough skin? Skin is one […]

Is Psoriasis killing your confidence?

Psoriasis is a skin condition that is not contagious. While only some individuals go through this in their life. Not many of us are aware about this skin condition and how it  impacts us in our daily lives.  This skin condition has an impact on our confidence, appearance, work relations and relationships. Thus, having a wider […]

Allergic to sunscreen – what should I do?

Sunscreens have been created to protect our skin from the rays of the sun and skin cancer. However, there are some people who are allergic to sunscreen. For those individual it can be difficult to be protected in the sun, since they end up developing rashes on the skin. Since sunscreen are made up of […]

How to avoid dry hands this Winter

As we are still in the winter months. It is common for our hands to become dry due to the climate. As the air gets colder, tend to suck out moisture in the hands. Therefore, there is more likely to be dried up.   What are signs I need to look for? We can notice […]

Sunburn, what should I do?

In hot summer months, we all love spending time in the sun. Often we don’t realise how the rays of the sun damages our skin. This also applies to us in the winter, where the sun is bright, exposing us to UV rays but without the heat. During the winter UV rays may not burn […]