Best hair oils for your hair?

We all want our hair to be healthy and don’t know what to use to keep it shiny and in good health. However, it is normal for us to shed around 50 strands in a day. While at the same time our hair us exposed to damage from the sun and environment. Thus, it’s is […]

Clear skin, tips for you

Skin is one of largest organs in our body, it is important that we take care of it. Taking care of the skin helps to keep our complexion clear from pollutants and free radical damage. The best way is to follow these tips below to get clearer skin. 1. Use a cleansing brush to wash […]

Misconception about sunscreen?

We are all exposed to the sun on a daily basis. It is the rays from the sun that keeps us warm and damages our skin. It is important for us apply sunscreen when we go out to prevent premature ageing. But we make a misconception that we don’t need to sunscreen because of certain […]

Sunscreen, is it necessary?

We are all exposed to UV rays from the sun, whether it is cloudy or sunny. You are still getting this exposure that has an impact on your skin on a daily basis. We all are aware that we need to wear sunscreen but we don’t know why it is important. As depending on what […]

Hormones causing your acne?

Acne is an ongoing trouble we face, that never seems to budge. It keeps on reoccurring all the time and you feel when will I be clear of this acne. Acne outbreak is often is a result of our hormones. So it is best to get yourself tested to see which hormones are triggering the […]

Supplements help clear acne?

When we think about acne, we think of those red painful spots. Despite we are not in our teenage years anymore. But we’re still getting acne in our adulthood years. Adult acne is embracing and frustrating at the same time. Despite trying all the lotions, creams, pills and antibiotics. Acne still comes back and we […]

Skin cancer prevention

Our skin is a vital organ of our body that acts as a barrier from outside environment. However, our skin are still exposed to the rays of the sun. This in moderation is ok, but it is best to be sun wise and stay protect when in the sun. As the rays from the sun […]

Glycolic acid, good for the skin?

Glycolic acid is often incorporated in many skincare products. This ingredient has been proven to improve the texture and complexion of the skin. Thus, being a popular choice for many to incorporate this ingredient to their skincare routine and products. What is Glycolic acid? Glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid that originally comes from […]

Daily stressors causing ageing?

The stressors we go through daily has an impact on our skin without us even realizing. These includes environmental and internal stressors that have an impact on our skin. Environmental stressors involve uv rays and pollution which plays havoc on the skin. Whereas, internal factors is a result of poor nutrition and stress you go […]

Want better skin in 2020?

The year of 2020 is now upon us. We all have made our New Years resolution to make good changes for the year head. One good change we can make is to better look after our skin by following essential skincare tip we can all take. Skincare experts have come up with these tips for […]