Blackheads – what to do?

Dermatologist examining patient for signs of skin cancer

We all have these black pores that we notice on our skin. Often, we find this in certain areas like on our noise or chin area. We often wonder what we can do to remove it. You probably remember using nose strips in order to remove the blackhead. But, it has not worked so well.

What are blackheads?

Black head is formed by the daily, dirt and grim mixed with sebum and exposure to air cause it to turn black and form black heads. This gives the skin black pores look.

What other factors increase chances of black head?

  • Not keeping a good skincare regime, by not cleansing the skin cause dirt and oils to get trapped in the pores.
  • Being a smoker can increase your chances of getting black heads due to the tar.

What can I do to keep my skin free from black heads?

  • Have regular facials where black heads can be removed.
  • See you skincare specialist in order for treatments to be tailored to your needs.
  • use skincare that helps to renew your skin cells, which helps to keep those pores clean.

if you would like to know about suitable treatments for blackheads, feel free to call our friendly team on (828) 586-6173!

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